Rev. Stanley E. Phill’s life service began with the desire to serve those struggling in critical areas of their lives. Rev. Stan didn’t stumble into this line of ministry; he knows that he was chosen. In many ways, Rev. Phill’s life has closely mirrored those of many that he helps today. He understands what they face, having grown up sometimes facing difficult times, being the youngest of seven children, and being subjected to many undesirable side-effects of poverty-stricken communities. He has seen it all and through his testimony and work, the lives of others are greatly impacted and improved.

Rev. Phill’s initial training in phlebotomy lead him into social services. This training opened the door to certification as an HIV/STD Counselor and Educator. Many years later, he has completed countless other certifications and degrees. He is Founder and Executive Director of A Caring Safe Place, Inc., as well as Senior Pastor of A Safe Place Christian Center.

In 1996, Stanley developed the HIV/STD Pre- and Post-Test Counseling Program at St. John’s United Methodist Church and worked closely with Houston’s homeless population. He spent five years in social service working with the dually diagnosed, and simultaneously earned two Associate degrees from the International Christian Institute and the College of Biblical Studies. He has accomplished 270 college hours in Addiction studies from the University of Houston and earned A Bachelor of Leadership of Science degree from the College of Biblical Studies.

After working closely with disenfranchised populations and managing grants at St. John’s on local and federal levels, Rev. Phill began to see gaps in services and areas of need that were not being fulfilled. Rev. Phill founded A Caring Safe Place in 1997 and A Safe Place of Praise and Worship Christian Center in 2002 to further help those in need.

The City of Houston awarded A Caring Safe Place funds in the amount of $1.3 million to assist the agency in a major expansion project through the construction of an 8600 square foot state of the art transitional living center in Houston’s Fifth Ward neighborhood. Construction was completed in 2007 and many new services were added simultaneously.

The agency was also awarded $2.4 million from the City of Houston to construct a 15-unit permanent housing apartment complex, Lydia’s Place which features 15 fully furnished apartment units that serve as independent permanent housing.
Rev. Phill specializes in Transitional Living, Chemical Dependency Treatment Referral, Job Search and Placement, HIV/STD Education and Life Skills Training. Rev. Phill and his wife, Stephanie, have been married for more than ten years and reside in Houston with their four daughters and two granddaughters. He is a devoted Pastor, Husband, Father and friend to all that meet him. In the words of Rev. Phill, “You can come as you are, but you don’t have to stay that way.”