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Program Phases

Phase I

Initial Orientation/ House Rules

Each Program Participant Is Provided With A One-On-One Orientation With The Designated Facility Site Technician. The Technician Will Discuss Application Process, Applicable Forms And House Rules.

Phase II

Assessment-Day Group

Each new resident participates in an Initial 28-Day Group Monday-Friday on site.

Phase III

Life Skills Training

Each Participant Will Participate In Life Skills Training. Life Skills Training Is A Client Centered And Client Driven Educational Program. The Life Skills Training Addresses Such Issues As: Personal, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Anger Management, Goal Setting, Dealing With Disappointment, Job Search & Retention, And Developing Resumes And Interviewing Skills.

Phase IV

Job Search, Placement & Vocational Training

Each Program Participant Will Be Advised To Begin Job Search And/ Or Vocational Training With The Aide Of The Staff (Life Skills Trainer And Client Services Specialist). Participants Will Be Linked With Suitable Training Program And Job Openings.

Phase V

Preparation For Re-Entry Into Independent Living

An Individualized Written Independent Living Plan Will Be Developed With Each Program Participant. The Individual Program Plan Will Detail Necessary Steps For Independent Living.

The Client Services Specialist And The Life Skills Trainer Will Link Participants With The Necessary Service Providers To Live Independently